Truly Social inc.

What does truly social do?

We help you connect to your customers through content



Looking for SEO-fuelled content? We can help with that!

We aren't a production company or a 'viral video' agency. We are more interested in helping you develop the kind of content that your potential customers are searching for. If you've recently had an SEO analysis that said you need better content...we can help with that!

Don't know where to start when developing your online voice? We can help with that!

Our process is all about helping you uncover your online voice. Yes, we help set you up with your equipment, your format, your set, editors, writers, and all of the other physical stuff you need to produce a web series, but we also help you with the hard stuff: developing a great concept for your show. 

Want to learn how to do this stuff rather than pay an outside agency to do it all for you? We can help with that!

Truly Social is not an agency. We live by the 'teach a man to fish' know, the one that goes: "If you feed a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Basically, you are the man, social is the fish and we're not going to just give you fish on a platter.

We guide you gently through the process of learning how to be more social. We teach you out of the old, complicated, corporate-y way of doing things and into a more webby way of doing things. (see 'De-corporatizing video' in the side bar)

We've done our job right when you don't need us any more.

YouTube video? Podcasts? Listicles? Funny gifs? We can help with that!

We've helped clients create:

If video isn't your thing, we've developed lots of great content strategies to suit the needs of our clients. The only thing we DON'T do is one-offs. It's so un-webby.



Truly Social

If you are wondering what it means to be Truly Social, Tara lays it down in her YouTube series weekly. Here are a few popular episodes:

clients, partners & even the media saying nice stuff about us


Before Timeline and tweets, before a blog was called a blog, before anyone even knew what a web browser was, Tara Hunt was there. Often labeled a pioneer of online and social marketing, the Canadian has been an observer of the realm’s development and a force in influencing it.
— Entrepreneur Magazine, 2013 (media)
Tara helped write the book on social business, about ten years before the term was coined. Unflaggingly helpful and community minded, she is now tearing up trees marketing buyosphere - she created the best slide deck of last year on lean, data-driven startups and the art of the pivot. And of course she is a bit of a Rogue.
— James Governor, RedMonk analyst and co-founder (partner)
Tara is always on the cutting edge of everything digital, particularly in the social realm. She is a big thinker while at the same time she can relate very intimately to the details of how people interact with the internet of everything. Self-starter, outspoken and principled...Tara is a very valuable asset to any team.
— Oscar Sachs, CEO & Founder, Salesfloor + worked on Justin Trudeau campaign (client)


We understand web culture.

While many agencies came from traditional publishing and advertising roots, we have been 'digitally native' since 1992. Yes. Long before Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. Hell...long before there was such a thing as the 'social web'. We take all of this knowledge and help teach you to speak the language of the web, so that you can be more successful.

Our Philosophy

We are audience-centric.

  1. For your customer, the universe revolves around them, not your brand.
  2. Content and participation in social media is about adding value, not noise.
  3. You are committed to invest in a long-term strategy, rather than focus on short-term gains.
  4. Listening is the most important part of your marketing plan.
  5. Social is not what happens on social networks. Social is every touchpoint you have with your customers, including customer service, product, experience, and events. 95% of how people socialize around your product will be done offline and in ways that you can’t capture. Your job is to give them something awesome to talk about.


SEE some other stuff we've Done: