Content Strategy - Nancy Graham

When we first talked with Nancy about creating a series, she wasn't convinced. She hadn't spent a lot of time in front of a camera and she wasn't thrilled about how much work it looked like it would take. Nancy is a busy professional with a full roster of clients. She wanted something "lightweight". 

Okay, so video isn't lightweight, but it was the right direction for her. Why?

It's true that YouTube is a young audience, but video also works well to help explain complex concepts like Nancy explains day to day with her more mature audience. We weren't out to create viral sensations or the next Pew Die Pie, we just wanted to achieve the goals we set out to achieve for Nancy:

  1. Drive more traffic to the PWL Ottawa site
  2. Answer the frequently asked questions that Nancy's audience have about their finance and investing in a way that would give them more confidence in their finances
  3. Build Nancy's profile in the investment community

Video was a perfect fit. It's SEO-friendly, visual and a great way to showcase her personality. Just writing a column or recording a podcast wouldn't work for her or her audience.

In order to make things more lightweight and streamlined for her, we decided to add animation. This would leave more of the heavy lifting in post-production. And because Nancy wanted to keep it casual and fun, we made the animations sketchy and fun.

The swing jazz in the background seemed like a great fit for Nancy's sophisticated, but casual personality.

The compass we use as her 'mark' is all about her ability to point her clients in the right direction.

We work with financial writer, Wendy Cook, to put together the scripts. Wendy has already worked with Nancy for a few years and knew her personality well. We encouraged Wendy to use personal storytelling and metaphors from her Manitoba roots in order to really connect with the audience.

All that was left was for Nancy to book off a few hours every 4-6 weeks to stand in front of the camera and deliver the script. you can see from the results, she's a natural at that!

Nancy's warm personality came through at the very first shoot and has evolved ever since. 

We love this series and learn SO much from it. We hope you love it, too.

Tara Hunt