Reliving the Agency Life with Daniel Francavilla

This week Tara is away as Carlos sits down with Daniel Francavilla who is the founder and creative director at Now Creative Group, a branding and social agency in Toronto. 

During the podcast, Carlos and Daniel discuss explore some of the challenges facing agencies in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and advertising agencies. 

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Creating a Social Brand - Branding and Design in the Social Era

We welcome Truly Social's own graphic designer Alexander Appugliesi to talk to Carlos and Tara about all things design in a social era. During the show, they explore some of the subjects that Alex brought up in his What I've Learned as a Social Designer blog post as well as Tara's latest YouTube video What is a Social Brand.

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What is a Social Brand? Updating your brand for the social era

So, what IS a social brand? It's a way to build the more friendly, open, human side of your brand on top of your traditional brand. What do you need to build this? Personality, a point of view, flexibility, and an openness to others taking your brand and making it their own. Want to hear more about what this means? Watch this week's video.

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Going Viral Overnight in 15 Years with The Portuguese Kids

Welcome to the Azores edition of the Truly Social Podcast recorded in the offices of Radio Atlantica, Sao Miguel. While on our summer holidays Tara & Carlos got to hang out and talk with the 15 years in the making overnight ethnic comedy success The Portuguese Kids.

The Portuguese Kids have been online content creators since the days of MySpace using online platforms to both find an audience and help shape the type of comedy that’s helped them build a niche audience that is Azorean Portuguese immigrants.

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5 Ways to Resurrect Content for Social

Creating quality content is a great way for businesses to engage with their audience effectively. And although it’s important to stay consistent, many organizations struggle to make material year-round. Going on a three-month hiatus will lose the audience’s attention. So what do you do?

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