Looking for a Jr. Graphic Designer


You were on Dribbble when it was still cool (but yeah, Behance is where it’s at now). You know what we mean by 99u, Core77, and HOW. You love design, but not in a precious way. You are a graphic designer for the digital age, just as comfortable making a GIF with Impact as you are with Futura. You can appreciate the craft of typography nerds, but know that good design is about connecting with the audience.

You are comfortable in the entire Adobe Creative Cloud - including Premiere and After Effects (though you don’t have to be an expert in those...we will get you there!). You are excited about expanding your knowledge. You have some illustration skills - you don’t have to be an artist, but you know how to design a mean infographic (one that makes the dullest information incredibly interesting). Most of all, you have a passion for the web and love staying on top of the latest graphic design trend (as well as have a great knowledge of the classics).

Speaking of classics… 🐈  

You have:

  • 1-3 years of professional experience
  • Experience with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Basic knowledge of video editing
  • Some illustration skills
  • An ability to adapt to various graphic styles
  • Some understanding of web design
  • Good understanding of digital content creation
  • The ability to work at the speed of social
  • A hunger to learn

Bonus points if you have:

  • Animation skills
  • Photography/videography experience
  • Front-end web design experience
  • Wireframing experience
  • Bilingual language (FR) ability

Salary is commensurate with experience.

At Truly Social Inc. we offer great social events with the team, a positive and supportive environment, and support for training and growth.

Are you our new magic maker? Here's how to apply:

If you know you’re the one for us, answer one of the following questions and send it along with your portfolio (which should be online...just sayin):

  1. What was one time a client (or professor) didn’t like your layout for a concept at all? Tell us how you handled that situation, and what you did in response.

  2. Someone asks you to do a design treatment you don’t know how to create....what do you do?

  3. Outside of school, what have you done to prove your passion for your craft?

  4. What is the most recent project you did that incorporated one of the gestalt theories of design, and which one was it? Why did you pick that one?

Email your answers, resume and any other web links that would be applicable (LinkedIn?) to careers@trulysocial.ca with the subject line: IT’S PRONOUNCED GIF NOT JIF

About Truly Social Inc.

Truly Social is a boutique digital strategy firm that specializes in creating content that appeals to humans. Our sweet spot is working with mid-size companies who understand that they need to use the web to connect with their customers and potential customers, but don’t really know where to start. We help you figure out how and where you should be connecting through insights-driven strategies, then can help you produce and manage that content. We don’t do any of this in a black box, though, and involve the client every step of the way with our “teach a man to fish” philosophy of creating client independence.

We are driven by our core values, which are: Fearlessness, Flawlessness, and Curiosity. We will always stand up for doing the right thing and make damned certain we’re certain we know what that right thing is.

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