[POSITION FILLED] Social Nerd Needed





Do your friends and family say you spend too much time on Reddit? Or Steam? Or Discord? Are you really into fan theories? Enjoy a good ARG? Do you know what CS:GO means?


Then you are probably perfect for this contract role!

We’re looking for a geeky, talented person with great online community and social media skills to join our team as a community manager: gaming. You will be our point person for one of our favourite clients, who happens to be in the gaming and entertainment space, but you’ll get to work on other cool stuff, too.

Yes, it’s a pretty cool role.


Your job will be to...

  • Create content for multiple social media platforms - written, images, videos, gifs, etc - adapting the content for the specific platform (you will work with a team of designers, video editors, etc, who will collaborate on this)
  • Upload that content to various platforms, making sure it is accurate and handled properly
  • Optimize that content for the specific platform - tagging, describing, titling, etc. - so that it will get in front of the right audience
  • Engage in social listening on the client's platforms - watching for conversations where you can learn or even participate in
  • Participate in conversations on social platforms as well as forums where applicable, making sure you maintain the tone and voice as well as the reputation of the client
  • Create analytics reports and provide feedback to the team on content performance
  • Manage and grow a community around the clients' properties


You are:

  • Savvy with various social tools - professional and personal - and reporting analytics

  • An avid reader (and podcast listener) that keeps up with current events

  • A team leader that likes to keep things organized

  • SUPER social (in the online sense, but it can also apply offline)

  • A creative thinker

  • A problem-solver (not a problem-dweller)

  • Endlessly curious and hungry for learning

  • Optimistic

  • Obsessed with doing your best work

  • In love with gaming and social

  • Post-secondary educated (or certified) in PR/Digital/Marketing/Project Management (preferred)

(Bi-lingual English/French would be an asset!)


Skills needed:

  • Generally social web savvy (old skool and new skool)

  • Marketing experience

  • Strategic know-how

  • Great storyteller

  • Great editing/writing skills (you hate typos and mistakes as much as we do)

  • Facebook Pages/business manager knowledge

  • YouTube knowledge (understanding of uploading, tagging, cards, etc.)

  • Good eye for photography

  • Presentation/communication skills

  • Ability to use social media analytics tools - native and third party (ie. you know what engagement means)

Preferred candidates will already have profiles on:

  • Steam
  • Reddit
  • Neogaf (and other gaming forums)
  • Discord


Nice to have (these are not deal breakers, but they would definitely make you stand out - btw, if you don't have this, you will learn these on the job):

  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Creative Cloud experience

  • Adwords / Facebook Ads

  • Photography/videography experience

  • Video editing

  • Market research

3-5 years experience. Salary is commensurate with experience.

If you think you are the right fit, tell us why (email us at careers@trulysocial.ca) using the subject line (fill in the blank) ________ CHICKEN DINNER and answer one of the following questions:

  1. Send us a list of your top 5 podcasts (with links to a good starter episode and why this is a good place to start)?

  2. Tell us about a community that you are part of and why you love it? Bonus if you can tell us about a time when you’ve done something to improve this community.

  3. Have you come up with any fan theories? Please describe in detail (convince us!). If you haven’t come up with any of your own, but you feel strongly about any existing ones, you can use those, too.


And send us:

  • Social media links (and profiles at Neogaf, Reddit, Steam, etc)

  • Your resumé

  • Any other examples of your work (blog? articles?)

Tara Hunt