[POSITION FILLED] Seeking a Master of Project Management



Does everybody refer to you as the organized one in the group? Do you take someone calling you OCD as a compliment? Do you get an insane amount of pleasure colour coding stuff? Do you think words like process, Gantt, timelines, and work backs are hella sexy and very creative?

Then you are probably perfect for this role!

We’re looking for a Project Management Master - someone who can take a group of creatives,  social media strategists, and a variety of clients and whip them into high performing, efficient shape.

You are:

  • Online savvy

  • A fantastic communicator

  • Great with clients (diplomatic, but firm)

  • Incredibly organized

  • Great at managing and motivating people

  • A creative thinker

  • A problem-solver (not a problem-dweller)

  • Endlessly curious and hungry for learning

  • Optimistic and positive

  • Obsessed with doing your best work

  • A team player

It would be even better if you are:

  • Bilingual - English/French


  • 3 to 5 years minimum of project management experience

    • running the coordination, scheduling, communication, and other aspects of project multiple projects – primarily within Social and Digital Marketing.

  • agency experience and have directly communicated with or managed multiple clients

The Job:

As the project manager, you will be the buffer between initial product and the end client. You will be required to cover small to large projects, ensuring things do not slip through the cracks.  Above all else, you will do what needs to be done to ensure the client has an amazing, valuable experience with our team. You will:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your project portfolio, ranging from strategic planning initiatives to tactical activities.

  • Manage project activities throughout the lifecycle, including the allocation of adequate resources, scheduling, documentation and budget.

  • Plan all project timelines, milestones, deliverables, and micro-deliverables using the appropriate software tools and/or PM methods.

  • Organize and guide project members and guide the teams throughout their efforts to produce client deliverables.

  • Negotiate with other business units to obtain required skill sets.

  • Maintain project schedule and keep project on track with daily or weekly schedule reminders/updates,

  • Establish and deliver mechanisms for tracking project progress and reporting to stakeholders via a formal communications plan.

  • Produce and deliver regular project progress reports.

  • Track all project costs to ensure completion within budget; procure extra budget funding where necessary.

  • Conduct project post mortems in order to identify areas for improvement; make recommendations based on findings.

Salary is commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

If you think you are the right fit, email us at careers@trulysocial.ca with the following:

  1. subject line: I Love a Good Gantt

  2. answer one of the following questions:

    1. What is the biggest project you’ve managed? How did you wrangle it into order? What went wrong? Right?

    2. You have allotted 15 hours per week for design on a project but the designer is consistently going over time. What do you do?

    3. What is your favourite project management method and why?

  3. social media links, resumé, any other examples of your work (or other relevant information)

Tara Hunt