Looking for a Storyteller: Sr. Writer


Do writing and storytelling come easily to you? Are you endlessly fascinated with how things work and what makes the world turn? Do you love taking ideas and making them into great content that people will love? Then this job is for you...

We’re looking for a critical thinker: someone who loves to dive deep into a topic and find that nugget that nobody else has discovered. We’re also looking for a great storyteller: someone who can take that discovery and write about it in a way that is deeply engaging. We are looking for both of these things in one person who will become our Senior Content Manager.

About you:

  • Social/digital-first: even if your background is in journalism or traditional writing, you understand innately how to write for the web and a digital audience.
  • Fearless: you’re not afraid to try new things and you’re certainly not afraid to push your own limits. We are very agile in an ever-changing industry and sometimes (often!) that means we find ourselves in unknown territory. You have no problem with that (and, perhaps, even thrive off of it).
  • Flawless: you hate typos and put 110% effort into everything you do, delivering work you can be proud of every time. You aren’t precious, but you ARE particular.
  • Informed: you’re that rare person who reads the article in full before you comment, and you can easily check your bias and get the facts. You don’t just throw ideas out there willy-nilly, you make sure they are the right ideas first.
  • Opinionated: you have a point of view and an opinion (that is informed, of course - see above). You aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, even if it’s unpopular.
  • Curious: you’re an avid reader and lifelong learner that keeps up with current events. You’re passionate and questioning and eager to grow.
  • Playful: all of that being said, you don’t take yourself too seriously and can let go and have fun.
  • Empathetic: you have the ability to see the world from other perspectives and understand what makes people tick. You refrain from judging any situation until you fully understand it.

The Job: Sr. Writer

This role will require a lot of rolling up your sleeves and “doing” most of the time but is also best suited to a person with a good strategic mind and experience. The doing part will include research, writing, overseeing multi-media creation, and planning calendars and editorial. Though the balance will shift over time, it is likely that the majority of the time will be spent implementing (70%), while strategizing will take a slightly more minor role (30%).

This isn’t written in stone, however. If more strategic projects come up, you may find the ratio shifting. At a small, boutique firm, you need to be ready to be flexible. ;)

Content Creation/Editorial Direction: (70%)

  • Guiding overall editorial:
  • Research and development of article ideas
  • Making sure that editorial stays fresh and on trend
  • Writing (and supervising the writing of) creative briefs for third-party writers
  • Editing and overseeing all content the junior team members are producing.
  • Editing and overseeing content third-party writers are producing.
  • Writing articles and social posts.
  • Guiding the graphics team with the production of multi-media such as gifs and infographics providing suggestions for improvement (BONUS: if you are handy with photoshop, illustrator, etc)
  • Guiding the multi-media team with the production and post-production of videos and animations, and providing suggestions for improvement
  • Guiding the team to make certain we are always creating fresh, new, cutting-edge content that makes smart use of the tools and appeals to the desired audience and continually improving.

Content Strategy/Planning: (30%)

  • Conduct market research to create insights reports:
  • Audience, competitive, cultural and trend analysis
  • Develop strategies based on research and insights
  • Develop plans based on these strategies
  • Follow  analytics closely as the project unfolds, adjusting strategy as needed and providing suggestions for improvement

The job will also be client-facing, but won’t require much for account or project management. You will be working alongside a talented team and will report to the CEO and CMO.

Skills needed:

  • 4+ years of content strategy and creation
  • great research skills (knowledge of social intelligence tools like Crimson Hexagon, Klear, Affinio, Sysomos, etc an asset)
  • excellent writing skills
  • an eye for great design and photography
  • advanced knowledge of the inner workings of social platforms: Facebook for Business, YouTube, Pinterest for Business, Instagram/Instagram Stories, Twitter, Medium, etc.
  • advanced knowledge of analytics and reporting
  • intermediate knowledge of search engine and content optimization
  • intermediate knowledge of paid social media planning
  • basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite products
  • basic knowledge of multi-media production
  • good presentation skills

About Us:

Truly Social Inc. is a specialized agency that is on a mission to help brands do social right. We focus on three major areas: brand publishing, influencer relationship management, and customer engagement and community development through social channels. Though many agencies say they are different, we really are. Our strategies are developed through research and insights and bespoke to your particular audience.

Our talented team of researchers, strategists, writers, designers, animators, and editors are passionate about social and content and, unlike other agencies, this is what we live and breathe (not an afterthought or add-on advertising “channel”). If you’ve been unsuccessful with your social media efforts, contact us. We’ll help you get it right.

As an employer we offer:

  • A competitive salary + benefits (EAP, dental, drug, etc)
  • A dynamic, creative and fun team environment
  • The type of work that will always keep you excited and interested
  • A fast-paced, but supportive work schedule
  • A flexible schedule (our hours are 10-6!)
  • Lots of social benefits (lots of team outings + Friday happy hours!)
  • Support for your training and growth
  • A respectful environment where everyone is valued for their contribution
Tara Hunt